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About DDS Metals Services Ltd

The closure of S.P.I Distribution, left a massive hole in the Landrover after-market. All of the machinery and tooling was either sold off or simply cut up.

Out of the ashes of that closure in 2008 came DDS Metal Services LTD.

Set up by the former General Manager (Des Skinner) and Toolroom Manager (Dave Deeney), originally hand picking only around 60 -70 certain products of the former S.P.I range to set up their business they have now increased the range to include up to approximately 850 products in a relatively short amount of time.

Whilst setting the business up they originally brought with them four ex S.P.I staff, all of these having over 20 years experience each at the company, from then up to now they have increased their staff to 23 also bringing in another 4 ex S.P.I staff.

The back ground of the two Directors is varied, Des’ 16 years experience at S.P.I got him to the role of General Manager, Des’s knowledge of everything S.P.I produced, has proven vital not only for DDS and also for the other companies who bought S.P.I’s products.

Dave’s experience is with over 22 years in press tool manufacturing, including Design, Cadcam, CNC programming and then into manufacturing engineering and process development.
The whole DDS team is working well together, providing quality products which continue to be sold and used world wide by Landrover and off road enthusiasts